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The Tepper Foundation’s work is centered on six portfolios.


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Food, Housing & Health

The opportunity to thrive starts with the basics: quality food, stable housing and access to mental health services. At The Tepper Foundation, we are committed to working towards a future where everyone has these essentials met.

We work closely with partner organizations to understand their communities’ challenges and then support promising solutions. The needs of individuals and families are complex and require a dual approach, providing direct service and promoting long-term systemic change. This approach to grantmaking aims to expand and sustain the critical work of our partners for years to come.

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Community Impact

The Tepper Foundation invests in community-based organizations in our home state of New Jersey as well as in the Jewish community nationwide.

Across New Jersey, The Tepper Foundation supports programs to promote economic mobility and community empowerment. We invest in organizations with a proven track record of success and deep knowledge of their communities.

The Tepper family is also deeply committed to supporting the Jewish community across the United States with two distinct focuses: strengthening Jewish identity and combating antisemitism. We are devoted to supporting families and ensuring the continuity of vibrant Jewish life in the United States.

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Crisis Response & Climate Resilience

The Tepper Foundation responds in moments of great need. We have a long history of crisis response spanning from the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic, and today our foundation’s structure allows us to swiftly address a wide range of threats. We don’t just act when disaster strikes; we work proactively with frontline agencies to build community resilience.

The foundation also invests in initiatives centered around climate resilience. By improving sustainability across land uses and food systems, we are enabling our grantees to respond directly to the climate crisis.

Pro-Democracy & Anti-Hate Initiatives   icon

Pro-Democracy & Anti-Hate Initiatives

With the alarming rise in threats to democracy, The Tepper Foundation is committed to funding initiatives that protect key institutions. Our pro-democracy work centers on reinforcing democratic norms, combatting authoritarian creep and ensuring ballot access for voters across the United States. 

We also believe that everyone deserves to live authentically and free from fear. The Tepper Foundation has long been a leader in combating antisemitism, and in recent years, our work on additional anti-hate initiatives has evolved and expanded. The foundation is working on a growing number of projects that help more people to thrive in environments free from violence, prejudice and discrimination.

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Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector

In New Jersey, The Tepper Foundation is committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector, and we seek to be responsive to the self-identified capacity needs of our grantees. Our goal is to help our grantees work more efficiently and effectively.

Nationally, the foundation invests in proven models to help catalyze growth and success. And through collaborative funds, we work in partnership with like-minded funders to scale promising initiatives that align with our mission.

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Board Projects

In addition to our other portfolios, The Tepper Foundation’s Board of Directors identifies unique funding opportunities influenced by their individual interests and experiences. These initiatives help us be responsive to unanticipated and exciting opportunities. These grants are made solely at the Board’s discretion.


Hunger and Critical Needs Outreach

This report is based on the work of the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund’s Critical Needs Outreach team from April 2020 through September 2021. The purpose of the report is to describe the scope of the Outreach team’s work, document its findings and its impact, and offer recommendations of two kinds: Recommendations for next steps in in research and investment in New Jersey’s emergency food network, and recommendations for funders across the United States and beyond who may benefit from the team’s experience and the lessons it learned.

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